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About Us

Lynn’s Industrial Welding, Inc. has been in the welding and fabrication business since 1982. Based in Perry, Florida, owner John Lynn, Jr. first recognized the need for a root rake type attachment in 1997. Commercial equipment on the market at that time was too heavy and impractical for the tractors that most farmers had. He realized the ones needed were the ones sized for the farmer or smaller acreage owner to fit their tractors with front end loaders. He developed one for his own tractor and found it to be the “handiest piece of equipment I own”.
This rake is designed to be used not only as a brush or debris remover but also to be used as a true root rake. The Rake Master Clean-up Rake mounted on your tractor is able to dig down and get those pesky roots.
We believe in providing the best equipment available to our customer at the best possible price.
Our Rake Master Series comes in 8 basic models, 4 with grapples and 4 without grapples, from 54″ width up to 80″ in width, designed to fit from 35 horse power to 100 horse power tractors and skid steer type loaders.

Our Commitment to Quality

Guaranteed! All of our rakes are built using the highest quality materials and components. Each part produced uses state-of-the-art technology – from our automated plasma cutter – ensuring precise curved line cutting; to our robotic welder, for a perfect weld each and every time! All of this guarantees that your rakes will last for years to come!